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    Within our process management we routinely measure the finished components for ensuring our quality goals. Customers can use our experiences with the precise tactile and optical measuring technology as a stand-alone service. Besides different small measuring tools for this purpose, we provide services with the Hexagon OPTIV CLASSIC 443 within an air-conditioned room.

    In the combination of top-light, transmitted-light and the tactile measuring techniques, we can gain access to all thinkable geometries of the components. The machine can complete the measuring tasks program-controlled and write conformable protocols. For further details see video: OPTIV Multisensor Technology

    The Hexagon Optiv Classic 443

    This optical and tactile measuring machine has got an extremely stable low-vibration granite corpus and other technical specifications, as you see below:

    • optical measuring range:  X = 400 / Y = 400 / Z = 300 mm
    • tactile measuring range:  X = 345 / Y = 400 / Z = 300 mm
    • resolution in length measurement:  0,1 µm
    • measurment precision:  X/Y = (1,9 + Lmm/250), Z = (2,5 + Lmm/200) µm*


    * Lmm = linear dimension in mm