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    Industrial Solutions

    Development, engineering and manufacture of optical and measuring technologies

    Innovative Security Systems

    The three companies of the group are located together under one roof.  This allows a fast and flexible service. Our vertical integration gives a high degree of identification with the company, it products and services.

    Three companies belong to the group: OptoPrecision GmbH, OptoPrecision Security Systems GmbH and Nägele Feinwerktechnik GmbH. The group currently employs 55 members of staff.

    OptoPrecision Industrial Solutions

    OptoPrecision specialises in developing, engineering and manufacturing optical technologies and optical measuring technology.  As an innovative company focusing on technology we predominately operate in aerospace, heavy industry, power supply industry, heat treatment and research.

    Our range of products and services offer technological solutions to the tasks of specific and challenging measurement, monitoring and process control. Along with our established products, we also offer bespoke development and engineering work, as well as custom designed image processing and optical systems.

    OptoPrecision Security Systems

    OptoPrecision Security Systems operates as a sales and marketing company for OptoPrecision GmbH and offers operational technology to government (e.g. police, military and security services).